Hanging with Mr. Cooper

The series, set in Oakland, California (Mark Curry's hometown), centers on NBA player-turned-substitute teacher/gym coach (and later basketball coach) Mark Cooper. Mark is a "somewhat suave" single guy with a zany personality; he always gets a few laughs from his friends. Mark's childhood friend Robin Dumars (Dawnn Lewis) and Robin's other best friend Vanessa Russell (Holly Robinson), both female, share a rented house that they cannot afford without an additional roommate. Though the events just prior to Mark's moving in are never shown, he agreed to move in with Robin and Vanessa. His "bedroom" is the den near the living room; Robin and Vanessa occupy the only bedrooms in the house. Although living with women may not be easy at times, Mark does appreciate them. They often teach him a thing or two when he gets in over his head.

Early episodes of the series featured references by Robin of Mark possibly having a crush on Vanessa, though that was mostly de-emphasized. Near the end of season four, he and Vanessa became a couple. Almost as quickly as they started dating, they became engaged. Midway through the first season, Tyler Foster (Marquise Wilson) was introduced as Mark's annoying neighbor kid; he would become a regular character starting in season two. By the second season, Robin was phased out after Lewis's departure. Mark's two cousins from Georgia, Geneva Lee (Saundra Quarterman) and her daughter Nicole (Raven-Symoné) moved into the house. Tyler quickly became the best friend of Nicole.